Author Topic: Do You Want To Know Oral Sex Safe or Not? Recommend By Back page Escorts Vegas  (Read 362 times)


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How to Have Safe Oral Sex

The only way to make oral sex 100% safe is to avoid it. If you intend to have oral sex, learn ways to make it safe by avoid bodily fluid exchange or making risky contact with your partner. Itís also important to talk to your partner about safe oral sex. Discuss their sexual history, STIs and the right protection.

If one of you has been treated for STI in the past or you have symptoms of any STI, donít have oral sex. If you must have oral sex with your partner or an Backpage Escorts Las Vegas, use barrier methods that prevent direct contact between anus or genitals and the mouth. Thatís the only way to reduce the chances of spreading or getting STIs.

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